Predictive analytics for a smarter IoT

Welcome to a world where data from anything in our physical world can be used to make life better, safer, and closer to magic than ever. By applying smart algorithms, we can make the best use of everything from smart home appliances to industrial equipment. And data can be controlled, shared, and monetized in new ways. Cascadence helps make this possible by bringing a breakthrough level of data efficiency—from edge sensors to OEM headquarters—with intelligence at each key point of the ecosystem.

Cascadence Machine Learning IoT Analytics Industry 4.0

Why Cascadence?

Cascadence is an exceptionally efficient solution for predictive analytics and machine learning. Instead of pushing massive amounts of data to the cloud, Cascadence actively distributes intelligence to the sensor endpoints at the edge. Our in-memory platform puts fast data processing in small storage devices. This enables data to be summarized at the edge and intelligently cascaded to stakeholders in secure, permission-based views.

Cascadence Machine Learning IoT Analytics Industry 4.0

Custom solutions across
many industries

Created by Toumetis and already in use in some of the world’s premier IoT applications, Cascadence is a flexible platform that has broad application across sectors within the Internet of Things:

  • home security and automation
  • industrial manufacturing
  • transportation
  • telecommunications
  • supply chain
  • energy
  • healthcare—and many others
Cascadence Machine Learning IoT Analytics Industry 4.0

Deep experience in mobile for IoT

Unlike many IoT analytics providers, Toumetis is highly versed in mobile development. With over five years developing mobile applications for Fortune 500 companies, we bring exceptional mobile development experience to the Cascadence IoT solutions we develop. Our mobile interfaces incorporate the conventions mobile device users expect for visualization, notification, and interaction—as well as integration with back-end systems that access and process mobile device data.

Hyper fast, high-touch work approach

Toumetis brings a flat team structure that enhances direct collaboration and eliminates inefficiencies—to take your Cascadence IoT solution from concept to completion in weeks or months, not years. Our consulting, development, and data science approaches have been honed through years of real-world experience with major companies across many business sectors. Our team brings decades of experience in applied data science through the entire development life-cycle from project set up to production deployment.

Cascadence Machine Learning IoT Analytics Industry 4.0

Who’s using us?

Here is a partial listing of recent and current Toumetis customers and partners.

Goldman Sachs
Time Warner Cable
COX Communications

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A product of Toumetis - Cascadence Machine Learning IoT Analytics Industry 4.0

Cascadence™—a product of Toumetis, Inc.—is a flexible platform providing predictive analytics and machine learning solutions for IoT. Our architecture distributes efficient in-memory algorithms to the edge and cascading intelligence from the edge to any node to provide custom views of actionable data in a revolutionary way. Our teams in UK, Spain, and the US bring rapid development and deployment to data mining and analytics combining best practices in data science and mobile development.

*Source: “Internet Of Things (IoT) Predictions From Forrester, Machina Research, WEF, Gartner, IDC” Forbes, January 27, 2016